Sustainability requires holistic thinking

We’re on a mission to inspire a sense of wonder, respect and belonging in the natural world.

The Central Apennines are an area of fragile mountain ecosystems, mostly protected. All the places we visit have a high degree of naturalness and are inhabited by a great variety of plants, insects, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles. Many of these species are endemic, very rare elsewhere or in danger of extinction.

Their survival is also threatened by frequent and intense droughts, exacerbated by global warming and climate change. The landscape of the Apennines is also peculiar in that it has evolved hand in hand with traditional human activity for 500.000 years. For the historical, cultural and ecological complexity of this area, the relationships between the Apennines and the people can be truly innumerable and surprising.

We offer genuine nature experiences, creating awareness, good environmental practices and economic opportunities for the local community.

Immersive, holistic learning experience

We believe that real nature experiences are a way to help visitors understand the importance of biodiversity and to inspire them to take action to respect nature and to coexist with it. Our outdoor initiatives are focused on reaching long-term sustainable goals with a positive impact on people and the environment. We have clear guidelines in place for sensitive excursions.

Supporting local communities

Our activities aim at stimulating contact with the territory and its social and cultural realities. We collaborate with locally owned businesses. We give preference to excursions and activities that benefit local communities. We work with local qualified and licensed guides

Sustainable accommodation

Most of our accommodations are small, locally owned and managed, serving traditional home-cooked meals. For the wilder, we offer an unforgettable overnight stay in a mountain hut immersed in the beauty of nature and in the tranquillity of the mountain landscapes. Read more on our Sustainability Accommodation Policy and Sustainable Excursion Policy.

Biodiversity conservation

We are involved in rewilding efforts in the Central Apennines, supporting local NGO-driven sustainable initiatives to promote wildlife-human coexistence and save protected wildlife from extinction through practical, on-the-ground action. Learn more about Our projects.

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We belong to a growing community that is committed to sustainability and caring for people and the planet


Discover the wonders, connect with nature, help protect and improve the environment and work with local communities.

Keep wild and smart with us

Plan and discover your journey

Breathless scenarios

Explore intimate and wild places, among large beech forests and rare blooms, to rediscover nature’s essence.

Special guides

Explore wild places with expert and colourful eyes.

Better small groups

Increase the power of your experience in a small inclusive “space”.

Long days tour

Leave an immersive combination of adventure, discovery, exertion and amazement.

Family-run hotels

Enjoy small, locally owned accommodations, serving traditional home-cooked meals.

Do’s and don’ts

Be curious, plan ahead, minimise your impact and be considerate.

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