Wildlife watching in Abruzzo

Experience wild animals like chamois, wolves, marsican brown bears in pure nature

Large beech forests, many of which are centuries-old and probably among the oldest in Europe, cover the mountain slopes in many areas. Among the huge trees and their mossy stems live large populations of wild herbivores like red deer, roe deer and wild boar. These species in many places share their habitats with large herds of semi-wild horses and cattle and together represent the main prey for the wolves, whose density in some Apennine areas is possibly the highest in Europe. Abruzzi is one of the best spots in the Old World to watch this beautiful and elusive carnivore. Nevertheless, the most charismatic and famous inhabitant of the mountain forests here is the Marsican brown bear, an endemic subspecies to this region, whose core range lies mostly within the narrow boundaries of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and its surroundings

Vast high altitude prairies lie above the timberline and host many other unique wildlife and plant species. These open grasslands are the prime habitat for the the endemic Apennine chamois which is present with several hundred individuals in the wildest and most rugged areas of the area. Chamois share their range with impressive birds like the golden eagle and the griffon vulture.

For wildlife lovers and adventurous souls the mountain of Central Apennines and the area of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park represent the wild heart of Italy. Discreet hikers can catch a glimpse of these wonderful animals but they are not easily spotted. Our speciality knowledge is to be in the right place at the right time, to see them.

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La tensione nel branco durante la stagione degli amori

Wolf tracking in Abruzzo

3 days - 2 nights
Availability : from November to April
The wolf is securely the animal that has attracted people’s imagination more than all the others since the ancient times. An extraordinary, intelligent and adaptable predator, that is able to travel through long distances and to survive in hostile environments and with scarce food resources. A little number (maybe less than 100) of wolves survived […]

Italy’s big five

5 giorni - 4 notti
Availability : from April to November
Our journey through the Central Apennines rewilding area takes us across thousands of hectares of beautiful rugged mountains, deep valleys and extensive beech forest. This region of Italy is a biodiversity hotspot with abundant populations of iconic species such as brown bears, wolves, deer, wild boars and the endemic Apennine chamois. Little villages still characterized […]
Una famiglia di lupi ispeziona uno sperone roccioso

Tales of wolves and sheperds

2 days - 1 night
Availability : from June to September
The sun has just set behind the crest and the forest slowly melts into the shadows. In the progressing darkness, you rapidly find yourself immersed in the bluish and undefined atmosphere of the nightfall. Centuries of persecution, however, have modified the habits of the animals, which, to escape human presence, have focused the rhythms for […]
Gli amori e i combattimenti dei cervi

The mating season of deers

2 days - 1 night
Availability : from September to October
A weekend among the immense forests of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and a two day trekking with overnight stay in lovely hotel. Between the months of September and October, when the mating season of deers starts, this territory give you the chance to live a very interesting experience. The bell of male deers […]
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Bear watching in the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park

6 h
Availability : from April to September
Evening hike dedicated to the marsican brown bear, the symbol species of Abruzzo National Park. We will take advantage of twilight and digiscoping techniques to optimize the chance to see bears. Packed dinner and return to the valley with the aid of torches and moon.
Uno splendido esemplare di Camoscio appenninico è avvolto dalla nebbia

Monte Amaro, movements at high altitude

7 h
Availability : from April to November
Bears and wolves are not the only wonders characterizing the fauna of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park. There is another wonderful creature, which is considered one of the rarest animal species in Italy. We are talking about the Apennine chamois, “glacial relic” which almost miraculously survived its extinction. Nowadays, the ridges of Opi’s […]

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