Snowshoeing in Abruzzo

The Mediterranean has a snowy heart

The range of winter sports practiced in Abruzzo includes more than just downhill skiing, since the striking variety of environments in the region’s mountains provides scenarios for enjoying winter hikes in countless settings, often fascinating and steeped in history. Splendid itineraries are found more or less everywhere on Abruzzo’s mountains and in its valleys; worthy of note are the Campo Imperatore plateau, the Altopiani Maggiori or the boundless slopes that cross the thick beech groves in the Sirente massif and Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park.

This simple, effective tool will allow users to walk on the surface of the snow, without sinking, and is increasingly popular in the mountains, while began to appear on the Abruzzo massif in the early 1990s; snowshoes, called “ciàspole” in dialect, are perfect for short, easy winter excursions in the region’s woods and highlands. Unlike cross-country skiing and ski-touring, the use of snowshoes does not require specific expertise in progression techniques. Nevertheless, it is important to have at least basic notions and some experience in winter mountain aspects or go on guided excursions.

Exploring with snowshoes the Central Apennines

Snowshoe hiking in Abruzzo

Ciaspolata a Pescasseroli e nelle foreste del Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise

Snowshoeing in the moonlight

The brightness of the moon and snow will allow us to walk for a long without using torches. The shadows of beech trees will keep us company, while they are reflected on the bright snow.
from November to March

Lago Vivo with snowshoes, in the heart of the Park

That unique place offer beautiful scenery, natural and geological interest, with a truly fascinating environment.
December to March
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