Accommodation Policy


This policy will be part of the Sustainability Policy. The policy is applicable to the excursion activities conducted by our company and all employees will follow these guidelines disclosed in this document.

This policy is effective immediately after approval by the Managing Director and circulation to staff. The policy will be formally reviewed every one year to ensure its relevance. The Managing Director or an officer delegated with such authority must approve any deviations to this policy.


Our vision is to offer an authentic experience to our visitors and to highlight the local character of the destinations they will visit. Hence, we recommend our clients the most sustainable accommodation options within their budget range.

We follow a long-term strategy to improve the sustainability of regular accommodation suppliers.
When we select the accommodation, we give strong preference to establishments driven by a high sense of responsibility towards sustainable development and follow these core principles:

Comfort for the right price
The accommodation is hygienic, sanitary and safe and is able to offer a good comfort and service to the expectation of our clients. Sustainable accommodation practices can be found in all price ranges; hence we aim to identify the most sustainable options available within the budget of our clients.

Fair business
The accommodation follows fair business practices, including transparency and adherence to law, human rights and economic/social equity, and environmental and animal protection.

Minimise impact
The accommodation aims to

  • Participate in the protection of natural resources, species and ecosystems
  • Take an active part, encourage cooperation with the local communities
  • Prevent or limit its damage to the environment and society
  • Promote and spread respect for environmental and social values


  • Most of our accommodations are small, locally owned and managed, serving traditional home-cooked meals.
  • The company gives preference to accommodations rewarded by The European Charter of Sustainable Tourism or ISO 14001 certificated or which have started the certification process.
  • We favour the selection of accommodations that respect and protect land use, as well as respectfully highlight elements of local architecture, customs and traditions.
  • The company favours accommodation that tries to minimise its impact on the environment by reducing the unnecessary use of energy, supporting the use of alternative energy, and reducing waste and C02 emission.
  • The company selects a supplier committed in socially responsible actions and in promoting an ethical treatment of their employees and clients.
  • We favour the accommodation that has a green policy for its guests, promoting environmentally friendly aspects of its accommodation and practices.
  • We monitor our suppliers periodically based on the sustainability policy statements (surveys) and ensure their commitment through internal signed agreement.

Evaluations of the accommodation by our company can be made in several ways:

  • Site visit by our company’s sustainability coordinator/manager
  • Observations from our guide
  • Client feedback form
  • We favour the accommodation that minimises use of plastics.
  • We favour the accommodation that complies with the national and municipal legislation concerning waste disposal.
  • We encourage the accommodation not to leave food accessible to wildlife (animal feed, rubbish, fruit plants etc.) to avoid risky situations for people and to avoid making wildlife too nuisance and problematic.
  • We favour the accommodation that follows energy efficiency practices (e.g., energy saving light bulbs, energy efficient equipment, switch off plan).
  • We favour accommodation that efficiently uses water (e.g., water saving system, bucket flush for the toilet and/or bucket shower ).
  • We encourage the accommodation to have a linen reuse policy (i.e., change guest linens and towels only upon request or every few days, rather than every day).
  • We encourage the accommodation to eliminate toxic chemicals and choose eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • We encourage the accommodation to eliminate single use bathroom amenities/ toiletries.
  • We favour the accommodation that purchases and use local foods, produced based on fair trade and sustainability principles.
  • We favour the accommodation that features traditional local dishes and beverages on menus and explain the history and significance of local dishes.
  • The accommodation respects the intellectual property rights of local communities and contributes to the local community.
  • The accommodation takes care of its human resources.
  • The accommodation cares the rights of children are respected and safeguarded.


Our company communicates with accommodation establishments in various ways.

Our most common communication is via email and phone. Particularly when sending emails, we are able to communicate on some sustainability aspects.

Once our booking is made, we supply the accommodation suppliers with a voucher to claim their payment. With our regular suppliers we have agreed to send this voucher via email, to avoid paper waste.

We sign contracts with accommodation suppliers that we work with on a regular basis and with sufficient volume of clients. These contracts include an overview of our codes of conduct and sanctions, which the suppliers read and sign upon agreement.

In-person visit
When we have the opportunity, we visit the accommodation in person and talk to them about how they could improve on their services and become more sustainable. In many instances it is our guides who deliver these messages.


Our company promotes as a mandatory policy:
Child labour
Waste management
Protection of biodiversity

Our company will give preference to working with those accommodation establishments who are able to operate in a sustainable manner, taking responsibility for their impact on the environment and society. Where we have enough volume, we may offer additional benefits, such as marketing of the hotel on our website or special contract conditions.

If it is revealed that an accommodation supplier acts on unsustainable practices, our company will give them a warning. If that supplier does not amend its practice, our company will end any form of collaboration (informal and contractual) and will blacklist that company from any further association.


Our company has developed specific policy guidelines for five main areas where we integrate sustainable practices. These policies fall under the scope of this general Sustainability Policy and are available as separate documents.

Sustainable Accommodation Policy
Sustainable Excursion Policy

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policy, please contact

This policy was revised on 8 May 2023


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