Abruzzo, an ideal scenario for every passion. Discover with us the wild heart of Italy!

In Abruzzo a third of the territory is set aside in protected areas. Three national parks, a regional park and more than 30 nature reserves. A visionary and tough decision by those who have made the environment their resource and will project Abruzzo into a major and leading role in green tourism

We offer several proposals accessibile to all those who want to discover nature and history of a region full of surprises. We propose hikes that allow you to move seeing beautiful views, often from unusual angles: interesting hikes through the least known corners of the Central Apennines and its small system of shelters. We believe that the environment has a very important role for people and for society and we work every day for this aim


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  • Wolf tracking in Abruzzo

    The wolf is securely the animal that has attracted people’s imagination more than all the others since the ancient times. An extraordinary, intelligent and adattable predator, that is able ...
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  • Easter with wolves

    The full moon will lead us to some enchanting places in the least known area of Abruzzo National Park. The view of the Mainarde mountains is unique for its natural features, for the sight of brig...
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  • Bear watching in the Abruzzo National Park

    Evening hike dedicated to the marsican brown bear, the symbol species of Abruzzo National Park. We will take advantage of twilight and digiscoping techniques to optimize the chance to see bears. ...
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  • Trekking of the giants

    Italy is rich in history and you can visit a lot of beautiful monuments that leave you enchanted and astonished. Well, among these loved monuments there are some special ones, because they are al...
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  • New year in the wildest area of Abruzzo

    Unusual, different and with snowshoes. In addition to the charm of New Year’s Eve there is the enchantment of snowy mountains, hikes in nature, an intimate and almost exclusive atmosph...
  • Hike on the Mainarde mountain chain

    A long and exciting hike on the ridge of one of the least frequented and wildest areas of the Park. A path that will take us back in time near the cave of the bloodthirsty bandit Domenico Fuoco. ...
I corsi d'acqua della Val Fondillo e della Val Canneto offrono scorci fiabeschi I segni del passaggio dell'Orso lungo la rete sentieristica del Parco
I crinali della Camosciara, del Petroso e dell'Altare Istruttori preparati sono pronti a insegnarvi il migliore approccio e i benefici della camminata nordica
Durante le attività, grazie anche a un accordo con Nikon, è previsto l'utilizzo di ottiche di qualità. Il territorio del Parco d'Abruzzo offre occasioni uniche per l'osservazione in natura