• Mountain huts in Abruzzo National Park

    To better appreciate the Park nature we suggest you one night in a mountain hut. You can find our structures originally utilized by rangers

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  • Wolf tracking in the Apennines

    During this three-day experience we will explore the extraordinary social life of wolf, following the paths and the valleys of the Park, participating also to beautiful evening hikes.

  • Easter with wolves

    The view of the Mainarde mountains is unique for its natural features, for the sight of bright peaks and for the uncomparable silence and solitude of the valley

  • Bear watching in the Abruzzo National Park

    Evening hike dedicated to the marsican brown bear, the symbol species of Abruzzo National Park. We will take advantage of twilight and digiscoping techniques to optimize the chance to see bears. ...
  • La Val di Rose

    The Apennine Chamois, together with the Marsican brown bear and the Wolf, is the most precious fauna of the Park and all of the Apennines. The population present in the area of Val di Rose &ndash...
  • Tales of wolves and shepherds

    Evening hike following the tracks of the wolf. Milky way shines above us, fireflies dance in the wood, wolves howl near us. Walking in an enchanting wood, we will observe the plateaus in which wo...
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The mating season of deers

A weekend among the immense forests of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and a two day trekking with overnight stay in hotel. Between the months of September and October, when the mating season of deers starts, this territory give you the chance to live a very interesting experience. The bell of male deers echoes in the forest during all day. The bells and the fights among male deers for the conquest of female deers allow you to immerse yourself in the deepest nature of the Park.

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Hike on the Mainarde mountain chain

A long and exciting hike on the ridge of one of the least frequented and wildest areas of the Park. A path that will take us back in time near the cave of the bloodthirsty bandit Domenico Fuoco. He died near the Mount Meta in the night between 17th and  18th of August 1870, in the German trenches that can still be observed on the ridge of Mount Mare and Mount Marrone. These mountains were witnesses of the advance of “Corpo Italiano di Liberazione” (Italian army corp during the second world war) in the spring of 1944 and they hosted the shelter of Charles Moulin. He was a singular painter who decided to leave Paris in the first years of 1900; he was a famed painter, but he decided to leave almost completely alone on the peaks of these mountains. SCHEDULED EVENTS Saturday 23 June 2018 – Sunday 24 June 2018 Saturday 7 October 2018 – Sunday 8 October 2018

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Wolf tracking in Abruzzo

The wolf is securely the animal that has attracted people’s imagination more than all the others since the ancient times. An extraordinary, intelligent and adattable predator, that is able to travel through long distances and to survive in hostile environments and with scarce food resources. A little number (maybe less than 100) of wolves survived in the central-southern Apennine around the end of the 1960s. Then, the wolf has slowly but progressively expanded its area through a spontaneous recolonisation process during the last 30/40 years. Nowadays a wolves population organised with a minimun of 7 or 8 packs has been living in the territory of the Abruzzo National Park.

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New year in the wildest area of Abruzzo

Unusual, different and with snowshoes. In addition to the charm of New Year’s Eve there is the enchantment of snowy mountains, hikes in nature, an intimate and almost exclusive atmosphere. Five days in the heart of the most ancient and renowned protected area of Italy, with the opportunity to see deers, wolves and chamoises and visits to villages rich in history and traditions.   SCHEDULED EVENT Saturday 29 December 2018 – Wednesday 2 January 2019

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Easter with wolves

The full moon will lead us to some enchanting places in the least known area of Abruzzo National Park. The view of the Mainarde mountains is unique for its natural features, for the sight of bright peaks and for the uncomparable silence and solitude of the valley. These places are home to a lot of chamoises, deers, wolves and golden eagles. On our way we can discover unique landscapes and the little villages we will encounter are characterized by simple but strong traditions that hide cultural and artistic features to be discovered. SCHEDULED EVENT Saturday 20 April 2019 – Monday 22 April 2019

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Trekking of the giants

Italy is rich in history and you can visit a lot of beautiful monuments that leave you enchanted and astonished. Well, among these loved monuments there are some special ones, because they are alive. Sap flows in the trunks of these “monuments”, they follow the rhythm of the seasons and they are part of some ecosystems rich in plants, insects, mammals and birds, often rare. SCHEDULED EVENTS Friday 7 June 2019 – Sunday 9 June 2019

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